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Endodontics (root canal)

Endodontic treatment is required when the nerve of the tooth has been injured or became necrotic and causes an abscess with accompanied toothache. The only alternative treatment is extraction.

In the modern era of dentistry the use of a microscope during endodontic treatment is almost compulsory to effectively treat a tooth.

With a microscope detection of additional canals in multi-rooted teeth is greatly enhanced.

Quite often the treated canal can be inspected from crown to apex, ensuring all debris are cleaned and that the canal is properly shaped for sealing. The use of an apex locator that precisely determine the correct length of the root, which is often not detected with x-rays alone, is compulsory to effectively do root canal treatment.

The introduction of nickel-titanium rotary instrumentation in conjunction with very precise electrical motors and hand-pieces has revolutionised the success of endodontic treatment. These files can curve around sharp bends and create a tapered canal shape which can be properly cleaned and sealed.